Silicone Edged Graphics

SEG is an acronym for “Silicone Edge Graphics”. In short, this is a Fabric Graphic that is held into a frame by a silicone gasket. The graphic is mounted by inserting the gasket strip into a groove in the edge of the frame. The result is a large format graphic that is smooth and aesthetically attractive, while also being very easy to install without tools or special installation skills. Frames can range from elegant fabric wall hangings to freestanding walls and fully modular tradeshow booths.


  • Stretch fabrics for ease of assembly and reduced SEG print costs
  • Blockout fabrics that are great at hiding items behind and eliminating light bleed-through
  • SEGs offer backlit fabrics for dramatic lighting effects

Why choose SEG for your displays?

  • Hi-Resolution Fabric Graphics: Dye-Sublimation printed graphics are extremely vibrant, while also being lighter than other forms of printed graphics, which makes installation easier and shipping less costly.
  • Versatility: SEG extrusions can be designed to create virtually limitless configurations. Options include: wall mount, free-standing, single and double faced, front lit or backlit and even multi-level structures.
  • No Visible Sewing: Sewn edges are hidden in the frames, providing seamless appearance.
  • Cost: Production of fabric graphics is competitive to other forms of digital printing, but the light weight and ease of installation can result in significant savings in shipping, drayage, and installation costs.

Important Considerations

Do you already have a frame?

Depending on your needs Olympus can work with either frames you already own or help you produce new frames. Some of the frame manufacturers we partner with include BeMatrix, Aluvision and others.


Do you have special lighting concerns or needs?

Depending on your project you might need to either block out light completely or let lighting shine through for vibrant backlit images.

Terms To Know


SEG gaskets are a strip of material that is sewn directly to a fabric graphic. This gasket is pushed into a channel on the SEG frame. This effectively wedges the fabric graphic into the frame, holding it under tension for a snug fit and smooth appearance. Gaskets come in many size and materials. Which one we choose depends on the frame extrusion being used.  We offer a range of gaskets, so no worries! Just let us know which frame system you are using, and we can handle the rest!



SEG frames are typically made from aluminum that is “extruded” in long rods or “sticks”, and then cut to shape to form a frame. The extrusion typically has gasket channels on one or multiple sides depending on how the frame is being designed. Due to the profile design of extrusions, they are extremely strong and lightweight compared to frames made from tubing.

Installation Instructions

Check out our installation videos to learn more about SEG graphics and how they are installed.

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SEG Install Guide

Silicone Edge Graphics can be a challenge for new installers. Because of that, we’ve created install videos to show how to install SEGs in a variety of different circumstances!

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