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Barricade Covers

Barricade covers from Olympus can turn normal crowd control barriers into valuable marketing or informational space with custom-printed barricade covers. 


  • Custom fit covers over barricades you would normally use for crowd control
  • Enhance event communication by turning barriers into informational signage
  • Increase space available for marketing and promotional signage to boost your sponsorship dollars
  • Fabric covers offer a lightweight, portable solution
  • Vinyl covers offer a more durable, outdoor solution

Important Considerations

Will you be transporting your barrier covers to multiple event locations as part of a series or tour?

Vinyl covers can tend to crease over time if they are folded and packed often. They also take up more space when folded. Consider using fabric for barrier covers that will travel from city to city as part of a touring event.


Will these be exposed to rain?

Vinyl covers will be water resistant and easily shed water. Fabric will soak up water and require a significant amount of drying time.

Installation Instructions

Fabric covers will generally be easier to install than vinyl covers as they are lighter and stretch more than vinyl covers.

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