Floor Graphics On Pavement

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics or floor decals can be a dramatic way to advertise in retail stores as well as provide wayfinding at special events! Floors are typically underutilized for advertising, and in some situations a floor graphic might be the only available space.  Floor Graphics can be applied onto both interior carpet and smooth floors as well as outdoor sidewalks and parking lots.


  • Temporary floor graphics that can attach to carpet, floors, and short term outdoors
  • Durable floor decal materials that can withstand higher foot traffic for longer periods
  • Outdoor rated sidewalk graphics with non-skid traction
  • Specialty overlaminates that offer protection from foot traffic as well as various traction and gloss levels depending on the application.

Important Considerations

How long do you want your floor graphics to last?

Depending on your needs, we have material options that range from temporary graphics that can be up for just one day to more permanent materials that can last for longer periods. Higher foot traffic will require more durable materials.


Where will the graphic be used??

Outdoor locations such as Sidewalks require a more robust adhesive to stick to the uneven surface. Whereas graphics installed on a smooth floor can utilize a less aggressive adhesive which still performs well but can be removed easily with less adhesive cleanup.


Installation day: What is the weather like?

Extreme temperature and moisture conditions should be avoided. If the temperature is too cold, it can prevent the adhesive from sticking properly causing failure. Hot conditions in direct sunlight create extreme surface temperatures which can cause installation problems as well. Wet concrete and asphalt should be allowed to dry before applying graphics. Surfaces should be clean and free of dirt and debris.

Terms To Know


A material or coating that is applied over a printed graphic to protect the image from abrasion and environmental damage. They can also be used to alter the finished surface appearance. Such as making a print look Matte, Luster, or Glossy.

Overlaminates can enhance the functionality of the material. For example, an overlaminate can add functionality such as creating non-slip and textured surfaces for floor graphics.


Die Cut

A graphic that is cut to a special shape. This is often used for floor graphics as in many cases standalone logos or smaller custom shapes are applied to the floor to attract attention to a specific location.

Installation Instructions

Due to the intricacies of installing floor graphics, we highly recommend that you use a professional installer. We also recommend that the installer do a site survey before graphics are ordered to determine the best material to use along with additional site preparation instructions.

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