Street Banners

Durable Street Banners from Olympus are a great way to decorate outdoors along streets, walkways, and in parking lots. They are ideal for festivals and can add a pop of color to special events and holidays.


We offer different types of materials and hardware to suit your installation needs:

  • Fade Resistant Digital UV prints on both sides of the banner
  • Durable vinyl that will last many seasons
  • Optional wind slits
  • Grommets and Pole Hems top and bottom
  • Various standard sizes as well as custom sizes available
  • Hardware and brackets to fit your specific installation

Terms To Know

Wind Slit

Wind Slits (or airholes) are holes made in a banner, with the intent of allowing air to pass through easily. This reduces stress on the banner, as well as the hardware / mounting points used to install the banner. Wind slits can also provide some stability to a banner in the wind, allowing the passing air to spill through predictably, keeping the banner from randomly flapping / oscillating wildly.

Installation Instructions

Due to the intricacies of installing street banners, we highly recommend that you use a professional installer. We also recommend that the installer do a site survey before banners and hardware are ordered, to determine the best options to use along with additional site preparation. Installers will supply the proper banding depending on the location, and can provide feedback on how large of a banner will work in your specific location. Load rating of your installation location should be considered as a factor for banner size as well as the need for wind slits.

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