Most of the time when we hear the term banner, we think of the standard vinyl banner hanging outside that might say “SALE!” But custom print banners can range from elegant indoor fabric streamers to huge outdoor vinyl mesh banners. So whether you need that temporary outdoor custom print banner for a grand opening, a fabric custom print banner for a school gymnasium, or a gigantic drop custom print banner for a product reveal, we can custom make each one to your exact specifications.


  • Fabrics for both indoor and outdoor locations
  • Smooth Vinyl for indoor custom print banners
  • Reinforced scrim vinyl for outdoor banners
  • Backlit vinyl and fabrics for dramatic lighting effects
  • Mesh vinyl to allow airflow on large banners and building wraps
  • Blockout materials that are great at hiding items behind and eliminating light bleed-through
  • Dye-Sublimation prints for eye-popping colors on fabrics
  • UV Cured inks for outdoor durability

Important Considerations

Indoor or Outdoor?

Outdoor banners require extra considerations including wind loads and reinforced attachments such as D-Rings and webbing. Outdoor banners also require stronger materials, or specialty materials such as mesh to allow air to flow through.


How will you hang the banner?

Hanging banners can be as simple as a few grommets and some rope. Or a banner can be hung from a decorative cross bar with a sewn pole pocket. Things to consider when selecting a hanging option are: How heavy is the banner? Will it be stretched tight from all sides? Or will it need to hand straight on its own? Talk to one of customer service representatives to determine the best construction method for your custom banner.

Terms To Know

Pole Pocket

A pole pocket is typically used to hang a banner from a pole or spreader bar. The material of the banner is folded over and sewn to create a tube where the pole can be placed. This allows the banner to hang evenly for a neat appearance.

Installation Instructions

Professional installation is recommended for any banner where safety is a concern. Rigging professionals can help determine proper hanging and attachment points and can help acquire any permits that might be necessary.

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