Rigid Signs

Rigid signs are all around us and used in almost every retail, event, or tradeshow setting. Rigid signs are a versatile way to advertise indoors and outdoors with a variety of substrates. From ceiling danglers to standees and office wall décor, we have a material and finishing options to meet your needs.


  • Paper products for recyclable indoor signs.
  • Aluminum Composites for long term outdoor signage installations.
  • Clear and translucent materials for special effects, backlighting, and high-end décor.
  • Material thicknesses ranging from thin .007” films to 2” thick boards.
  • Signs can be cut into custom shapes and lettering.
  • Variety of hardware options available such as standoffs, sign holders, and standee feet.
  • The surface finish of the sign can be altered with one of our specialty Overlaminates. Whether you need a non-reflective ultra-matte finish or a Dry-Erase coating we have a protective laminate to meet your needs.

Important Considerations

Will the sign be used indoors or outdoors?

Depending on your needs, we have material options that range from temporary graphics that are up for just one day to more permanent materials that can last outdoors for many years.


Do you need the sign to be recyclable?

We offer paper-based substrates such as FalconBoard that can be recycled into your standard paperboard recycling stream as well as others such as styrene that can also be recycled* Depending on the location and with proper recycling symbols.


How will the sign be displayed?

Some materials are self-supporting and can be made free-standing, while others may require support from a sign holder.

Do you need holes drilled, adhesives, or hanging hardware?

Terms To Know


A material or coating that is applied over a printed graphic to protect the image from abrasion and environmental damage. They can also be used to alter the finished surface appearance. Such as making a print look Matte, Luster, or Glossy.

Overlaminates can also enhance the functionality of the material. For example, an overlaminate can add features such as dry-erase or anti-graffiti.



Sign mounting hardware used to create a frameless look for a sign or display. Typically, these are mounted through holes in the sign and come in many types of finishes and colors.

Installation Instructions

Due to the intricacies of installing permanent signs, we highly recommend that you use a professional installer in certain cases. We also recommend that the installer do a site survey before graphics are ordered to determine the best material to use along with additional site preparation instructions. In some cases, a permit may be required for permanent outdoor signage.

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