Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics or car wraps can be a great way to create moving billboards that advertise your business, product, or event! Branded vehicles create many impressions while your vehicle fleet goes about its daily tasks. Ranging from Delivery vehicles and Service Fleets to Busses and Show Vehicle wraps, we carry a range of materials and finishes to make a big impact!


  • Removable vehicle decals materials for short-term applications such as busses and other mass transit vehicles
  • Permanent materials for long term fleets
  • One-way window graphics for see-through images.*
  • Custom overlaminates for superior image protection and good looks. Whether you need a non-reflective ultra-matte finish or a gloss finish that looks like paint we have a matching overlaminate that will give you the finish you desire. Overlaminates also protects the image from dirt, scuffs, and the elements.

Important Considerations

What type of vehicle?

Depending on the vehicle, installation can be straightforward or more of a challenge. Small door decals and Flat sided trucks might be a simple to moderate install. However, a full vehicle wrap with compound curves requires a specific installer skillset and specialty tools and materials.

What is the vehicle paint condition?

Vehicle paint should be allowed to dry and cure for 30 days prior to installation. Vehicles with rusted areas are not a good choice for wraps as they can cause poor adhesion and failure.

Installation day: What is the weather like?

Extreme temperature conditions should be avoided. If the temperature is too cold, it can prevent the adhesive from sticking properly causing failure. Hot conditions in direct sunlight create extreme surface temperatures which can cause installation problems as well. An indoor location is the best option for show quality vehicle installs.

Terms To Know


A full vehicle wrap is a graphic that covers the entire surface of the paint of a vehicle.


One-Way Vision Window Graphics

One-Way vision window graphics are made by using a vinyl decal material that has perforated holes in it, sort of like a window screen. It has a white printable face and an adhesive side that is black. Once installed it allows the viewer to see through the graphic from the backside. However, the image printed on the white side looks almost like a solid graphic. *Check local and state laws regarding placing images onto a vehicle’s windows.



A material or coating that is applied over a printed graphic to protect the image from abrasion and environmental damage. They can also be used to alter the finished surface appearance. Such as making a print look Matte, Luster, or Glossy.

Installation Instructions

Due to the intricacies of installing pressure sensitive vinyl onto vehicles, we highly recommend that you use a professional installer. We also recommend that the installer do a vehicle survey before graphics are ordered to determine the best material to use along with additional preparation instructions.

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